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Hello Bobcats Families, 
Here is the upcoming schedule for bingos! Please double check your dates!! Cancelling after the reminder email is sent out is 100 credits deducted from your account - no exceptions.

- All bingos worked are 100 credit to be used towards registration or team fees.

- Bingos must be worked before redeeming.

- NEW - Teams are allowed to sign up 10 workers and earn a $1000 cheque (10 x $100) for their team. Only available Oct-Feb. 


Saturday Feb 17 4:45-9:30pm (evening) 

Saturday Feb 17 9:00-1:30am (late) 

Mon Feb 26 11-5pm (day) 


Monday March 11 4:45-9:30pm (evening)

Thursday, March 21 4:45-9:30 (evening)

Thursday March 21 9:00-1:30am (late)


Saturday April 20 4:45-9:30pm (evening) 

Saturday April 20 9:00-1:30am (late) 


Friday May 3 11-5pm (day) 

Thursday May 23 4:45-9:30pm (evening)

Thursday May 23 9:00-1:30am (late) 

Thursday May 30 11-5pm (day) 

Extra Info: 
All bingos are at City Centre Bingo Hall, 310 22nd Street W, beside the Great Buffet of China. 

Bingo Hall Rules:
*  No food, drinks or CELL PHONES on the floor - leave food/drinks in  "Runner Room".
*  Workers need to be spread out through the hall. No hiding behind posts or in corners. 
*  Cell phones/purses (anything of value) are to be left behind the front sales counter.
*  Be polite and respectful to the patrons of the bingo hall, they are paying customers. 

Send me an email if you are interested in working.  Bingos always fill up fast! 

Please remember to check the dates before siging up, as cancelling after the reminder email is sent out, will result in credits being deducted from your account. 


Trona Guenther
Bingo Coordinator

Bobcat Bingo Forms:
The Bingo Credit Redemption form below can be saved to your desktop, filled out and emailed in for Registration fees. It does not need to be signed for Registration fees. 

For Team fees it will need to be printed, signed by you, your manager and coach then submitted to the Bingo Coordinator at

BINGO POLICY (new May 2019)