Saskatoon Bobcats
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**updated JUNE 12, 2024

U11 (Born 2014-2015):


  • NO SPRING GEAR - no spring helmets/gloves/socks/stickers
  • There will be two skills sessions and two scrimmage sessions for each player.
  • Jersey assignments will be posted on dressing room doors.
  • Please leave your assigned jersey in the dressing room after each skate.
  • Groups will be reorganized after each evaluation skate. Groups are made up of like skilled players but are NOT top 20, next 20, next 20, next 20.
  • Drafts will happen as quickly as possible after the final scrimmage of evaluations based on availability of coaches to attend drafts. 
  • The evening the draft is completed or the following day is when coaches will receive contact information for teams and they will reach out to their players at their earliest convenience.
  • Scrimmage will be 4 v 4
  • 2 x 20 minute periods
  • Players play all positions
  • Buzzer indicating one minute shifts

Thank You

George Liakopoulos