Saskatoon Bobcats
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U9 (BORN 2015-2016)

Updated - September 23, 2023 - 4:55pm


Skills Skates 1 and 2 - September 16 (see times below) & September 17 (Starting b/w 11:45am and 4:45pm)

Scrimmages 1 and 2 - September 23 (starting b/w 8:30am and 12:45pm) & September 24 (Starting b/w 11am and 3pm)


  • NO SPRING GEAR - no spring helmets/gloves/socks/stickers
  • There will be two skills sessions and two scrimmage sessions that are evaluated for tiering purposes for each player.
  • We will assign new groups after each skate based on evaluation scores so please be patient between the Saturday and Sunday skates as I will do my best to post them as soon as I possibly can. Sending emails asking when times will be posted only slows my progress on posting times as I then have to read and respond to those emails. 
  • Please check in with the Bobcat volunteers prior to your first skate.
  • Please leave your assigned jersey in the dressing room after each skate.
  • Drafts will happen as quickly as possible after the final scrimmage of evaluations based on availability of coaches to attend drafts. 
  • The evening the draft is completed or the following day is when coaches will receive contact information for teams and they will reach out to their players at their earliest convenience. 


  • NOTE: Please check for your player's name below. If your player is not on this list please email myself immediately ( as I may have made an error or the full fees have not been paid at this time.

Thank you. 

Todd Bergstresser - U9 Bobcats Coordinator

PLEASE NOTE - You will find your player's name posted on the dressing room door for these scrimmages. Their name and jersey number will be there so please dress in your assigned room, ensure your player has the correct jersey number on before they hit the ice, and continue to leave your jersey in the room after the scrimmage. 

Group 1   Group 2
Sep 24, 2023 - Scrimmage #2   Sep 24, 2023 - Scrimmage #2
11:00am - Jemini Arena   12:00pm - Jemini Arena
Team #1   Team #2   Team #1   Team #2
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Mason Ahenakew   Carter Bartel   Gavin Bussiere   Daxston Gaudet
Karder Arcand   Ben Blahitka   Dominic Fairbrother   Noah Kowalchuk
Casen Beswick   Emmett Bradley   Auston Gaudet   Matthew Lajeunesse
Fletcher Brinkman   Everett Dunlop   Hunter Kraushaar   Tal Levi
Aiden Buettner   Marius Fischl   Cole McAvoy   Carter Nicholls
Charles Friesen   Fisher Hancock   Oscar Metz   Edwin Njaa
Darya Gharari   Kayd Janvier   Henry Prafke   Cooper Nolan
Jett Hardage   Claire Matheson   Mickey Rempel   Ashton Scott
Harris Kleiter   Jonathan Mu   Olen Severson   Beckett Smart
Bradley Ruskin   Nixon Propp   Alexander Way   Jake Stevens
Matthias Spray   Grayson Sokul   Oscar Wright   Django Tremonte
Emmitt Thomas   Grady Taylor            
Braxton Thoreson                  
Group 3   Group 4
Sep 24, 2023 - Scrimmage #2   Sep 24, 2023 - Scrimmage #2
1:00pm - Jemini Arena   2:00pm - Jemini Arena
Team #1   Team #2   Team #1   Team #2
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Matthew Anderson   Hayden Achtemichuk   Knox Dahlen   Vonn Andrews
Thomas Bourassa   Ian Blue   Nash Dahlen   Nash Bayda
Alex Edeen   Milo Dand   Daniel Dreaver   Alex Brinkman
Wilfred Kelleher   Enzo Ekoudi   Sullivan Flynn   Jensen Emberley
Jackson Kernaleguen   William Harrison   Lennon Fox   Bentley Friesen
Cohen Lanning   Tadeyo Khonje   Reece Hautz   Rory Katelnikoff
Myles Lichtenwald   Carter Matheson   Owen Kowalyshen   Brady Klemmer
Gunner Opfergelt   Noah Prefontaine   Oaklen McClean   James Klippenstein
Weston Palibroda   Lukas Proulx   Grady Robillard   Liam Mitchell
Cole Schriemer   Hudson Sabin   Nolan Schmidt   Quinn Purdy
Knight Whiteside   Matthew Skliar   Daniel Shaw   Rennen Wawryk
Group 5            
Sep 24, 2023 - Scrimmage #2            
3:00pm - Jemini Arena            
Team #1   Team #2            
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name            
Nash Bloor   Lewis Assie            
Carson Broughton   Bair Endicott            
Alistair Brown   York Endicott            
Madden Compain   Maxwell Evans            
Lyndon Delisle   Braylon George            
Liam Faris   Maddox Melnychuk            
Connor Fitch   Noah Peterson            
Benjamin Halyk   Walker Roth            
James Tochor   Brady Schwark            
Nash Wailing   Calder Slivenski