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May 1 2024


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Hey Bobcat Parents!

To better prepare kids for the challenges of body contact in hockey, the Bobcats are offering a 3-day checking clinic for players moving up from U13, and trying out for U15A. This will include an intro to checking, and work into gameplay. Each camp is 3 sessions, being held on May 28, 29 and 30, and the times are listed below. We have 4 groups scheduled, with 20 players per group, at a cost of $60 per player. 

Group 1

Tuesday, May 28 4:45-5:45 HL

Wednesday May 29 6:15-7:30 RH

Thursday May 30 6:00-7:00 HL

Group 2

Tuesday, May 28 7:15-8:15 HL

Wednesday May 29 8:30-9:30 HL

Thursday May 30 6:15-7:30 RH

Group 3

Tuesday May 28 8:30-9:30 HL

Wednesday May 29 7:15-8:15 HL

Thursday May 30 7:45-9:00 RH

Group 4

Tuesday May 28 7:45-9:00 RH

Wednesday May 29 4:45-5:45 HL

Thursday 4:45-5:45 HL

If you are interested, please let me know which group you would prefer at I can't guarantee you'll get in the group you are requesting, but I can try my best. I will send out payment instructions as the groups fill up. I will need to know your child's name, age, and what age and tier they played last year.

One note, this camp is focused on players who are moving up from U13, or returning from U15B/C and trying out for A. PLease refrain from requesting a spot if your player has played a year of contact already. U13 AA players are welcome as well.

Thank you

Sean Cross

Director of Operations

Saskatoon Bobcats

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